LightSpeed Web Hosting

Fast Hosting for LightSpeed eCommerce

You can count the number of clients we’ve let down on no hands.

With ‘budget’ host providers you are sharing the same server with hundreds of other sites, sometimes thousands. At times, these sites load slowly and web security is questionable. In order to guarantee speed, reliability and consistent up-time, we offer premium LightSpeed semi-dedicated hosting services through Softlayer.

Argoworks provides premium, high-speed LightSpeed web hosting services for LightSpeed eCommerce.  Our plans are designed to provide the performance of a managed dedicated server without the extensive cost or maintenance.

1. You will see a 200 – 300% increase in site speed and performance.

2. We can provide you with a seamless, ‘single-point of contact’ support relationship.  We can host your main domain, your LightSpeed eCommerce site,

To save you from the hassle of hosting, we bundle all services, guarantee 99.9% uptime and monitor our Network Operations Center 24/7 to ensure security and up-time.

Our LightSpeed Web Hosting Plans provide the most stable, secure and scalable out-of-the-box hosting solution. Each plan is an entirely self-contained and configured for the e-commerce platform of your choice.

Our plan’s come with a pre-installed LightSpeed store running the most recent software and our servers are optimized to run each application 200 – 300% faster than alternate host providers.