Merchant Warehouse

Credit Card Processing for LightSpeed

Opening up a new LightSpeed eCommerce 3.0 store? Need to conduct credit card processing on your website? Whatever you need, Merchant Warehouse has a credit card processing solution perfect for your business.

If you operate LightSpeed Point of Sale, LightSpeed eCommerce 3.0 or even Magento eCommerce connected to LightSpeed Point of Sale, there is no better solution for credit card processing than Merchant Warehouse.

1.  Merchant Warehouse provides their own FREE payment gateway, which saves you the cost and expense of having to pay a monthly fee to

2. Merchant Warehouse offers very competitive rates.

3. They are a preferred partner for LightSpeed Point of Sale and know the LightSpeed system. They can troubleshoot credit card processing issues involving LightSpeed Point of Sale and LightSpeed eCommerce.

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Melanie Guard
Merchant Warehouse Inc.
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